Breaking: Configuration Of Storage Folders


Since TYPO3 7.6 one cannot select a Storage Folder for a page any more. That database field has been removed and the core does not provide any alternative.


All installations that used Storage Folders to provide different page templates and FCE’s in different parts of the page tree need to run the upgrade wizard in the install tool to migrate to a PageTS configuration.

Affected Installations

All installations are affected technically but only those that used multiple Storage Folders for a separation of page templates and FCE’s are affected visually.


Run the migration script in the install tool.


The migration needs to access the field storage_pid in the table pages. Make sure it has not yet been renamed to zzz_deleted_storage_pid. Once the migration is done, you can remove/rename that field again.


When there is no automatic migration possible, you simply need to put the following PageTS on all necessary pages.

mod.tx_templavoila.storagePid = x