About this manual

With the release of TemplaVoila 1.0 this manual still remains incomplete in some parts. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no documentation about TemplaVoila ... The following documents will help you getting started and find the essential information for your work:

  • TemplaVoila Manual (this document) – This document always contains a complete reference of the configuration options you have. Currently it does not contain further information about setting up TemplaVoila sites, upgrading or migrating from non TemplaVoila sites.
  • Futuristic Template Building – This is a large step-by-step tutorial which explains the most important parts of TemplaVoila and gets you started with your first TV website. At the time of this writing, some information in the tutorial need an update so they reflect the new features which were implemented through the last year. But still it’s worth trying it to get an overview!
  • Localization Guide – A document with an in-depth explanation of localization and translation with TYPO3 in general. It specifically demonstrates the localization / translation features of TemplaVoila.