New Content Element Wizard


The new content element wizard is completely configurable with TSConfig, the same methods like in TYPO3 4.3 core. Place it in Page TSConfig or User TSConfig.

The typoscript key for the configuration in general is “templavoila.wizards.newContentElement” (TYPO3 core uses “mod.wizards.newContentElement”).

To show the elemnts grouped in tabs use this configuration:

templavoila.wizards.newContentElement.renderMode = tabs

For general configuration please look at core wizard configuration, just use “templavoila” instead of “mod”: library/references/doc_core_tsconfig/4.3.2/view/1/5/#id2505051

FCE’s are named like fce_[uid of TO]. So FCE with TO uid 17 will be fce_17. If you want to allow only this FCE you can do it with following configuration: = fce_17